Man Getting Back Massage

Sports massage course

What is sports massage?

Sports massage is a type of massage given to people with sports injuries. This is most commonly sports injuries in the hand or the foot. For example, football players commonly get foot injuries like pulling a muscle in the leg or twisting their ankle. This can be very painful and players need to get a sports massage to recover quickly.

Sports massage is typically performed alongside physiotherapy and a big part of physiotherapy is sports massage. Physical therapy is used to help anyone from atheletes to the elderly with mobility. That’s also why many physiotherapists sign up for our sports massage courses.

FAQs about learning sports massage

What happens during a sports massage?

The first part of a sports massage is the diagnosis. Your physiotherapist will ask you a lot of questions about your injury. Afterwards, your physiotherapist will use a long of massage techniques such as trigger pointing and kneading to treat your injury. The type of technique differs from injury to injury. 

For example, the massage technique used to treat an ankle injury will differ from a back injury.

What are the benefits of a sports massage?

Well, since sports massage has nearly become synonymous with physiotherapist, the number one benefit is getting better. Without sports massage or a physiotherapist, you can expect to be in constant pain and not recover well from your injury. This could translate to a long-term untreatable condition.

Why should I learn from a sports massage course instead of watching a Youtube video?

Sports massage and physiotherapy is very serious. Any mistake could result in a lot of pain for your client. The wrong move or putting pressure on the wrong area could result in the injury getting worse. To prevent getting sued by your client, you should only perform a sport massage when you’re confident that you can help. In addition, many countries like Singapore require physiotherapists to be certified and to take a sports massage course before being allowed to practice sports massage.

What is the science behind sports massage?

Sports massage releases tension in the muscles. It also improves blood circulation which can help the removal of lactic acid in the body which is accumulated when doing sports. In addition, this can also trigger a positive psychological effect as the athlete’s mind is calmed which will help them to perform better during a game or competition.

What do we teach in our sports massage course? 

Our sports massage course includes a wide curriculum:

  • How to perform a consultation and diagnosis
  • Sports massage on the hands
  • Sports massage on the feet
  • Study of human anatomy and blood circulation and skeleton structure of the body
  • Safety and health standards in Singapore
  • How to give aftercare advice to your clients
  • How to perform basic physiotherapy
  • Physiotherapy practice with your partner during the sports massage course