Woman Learning To Give Massage

What is full body massage?

Full body massage is a type of massage that encompasses the entire body getting a massage. This usually starts with the person’s back and every part of the body is massaged – legs, arms and neck. The full body massage is one of the most popular options in a spa in Singapore because it is the most effective way to relax the entire body.

Regardless of where the stress is in your body, a full body massage will help to relieve that stress and unknot all your muscles and pressure points. A full body massage is typically an hour long and your therapist will leave the room to let you sleep and relax after the massage.

How can I learn full body massage?

You can start by learning with WC Massage! Come down to our school and meet with our trainers. You’ll see that our massage trainers have years of experience in the massage industry and have given hundreds of full body massages to clients.

During our full body massage courses, you’ll be given all the materials and resources that you need. A big part of the course is learning human anatomy and all the pressure points. You will learn the theory part of the full body massage course before getting on with actual practice.

After a few weeks of learning the theory of a full body massage, you’ll finally start with the practice! You’ll be assigned to a (same gender) partner and massage your partner using all the massage techniques that you learnt. There’ll be between 5 and 20 people per class so the trainer will walk around the classroom. She will give tips and pointers during the full body massage course and correct any mistakes with your technique. Many students make the mistake of not using oil or not following the massage in the correct order. These are easily-fixable mistakes and you can learn from these very quickly.


What are some common issues in a full body massage?

Problems are very rare. When you first join a spa, it may take a few weeks to get used to their routine since each spa has a different full body massage routine. For example, you’ll be taught during WC Massage’s full body massage course that the massage should last for around 60 minutes. Some spas offer either 30 minute or 60 minute massage sessions so you may have to adjust accordingly. In addition, some spas may ask you to do the massage in a different order. For example: back, arms, legs, neck.

Another rare problem is discomfort or pain during the massage. Very rarely, the client could experience nausea or pain in certain areas of his or her body. In that case, we’d recommend you to keep calm and pause the massage, while asking the client for where the pain is at, whether they’ve felt it before. Depending on the situation, you may have to stop the massage.


What is the course syllabus and when is the next full body massage course?

Date of next course: To-be-updated

Our course syllabus includes:

  • Massage techniques
  • Practical learning with your partner during class
  • Human anatomy which includes pressure points, how blood circulation during a massage works etc.
  • How to use essential oils
  • How to set-up a room before a full body massage session
  • How you should prep and interact with a client
  • What to expect during a full body massage and what to do in unexpected situations